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Engine Jerking problem

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I have done a search and there are various engine jerking problems but mine is a bit different. When car on idling. the engine will suddenly jerk by itself randomly. Sometimes i sit inside 15 mins also no jerk... but sometimes it jerk every few minute.. This jerking has affected my acceleration. Let's say if I purposely engage high gear, eg. gear 4 when my speed is very low, and try to accelerate. The engine will jerk a few times qutie badly...
But if I change the correct gear at the right time or change on high rev, the jerking is not obvious and even sometimes no jerking at all. What I have done but still doesnt solve the problem:
1. Cleaned throttle body
2. Changed cable
3. Adjusted throttle settings
4. Cleaned IAFC
5. Cleaned the aircon pipe
6. Cleaned my CAI
Spent quite a bit trying to solve this and Im tired of running to and fro workshop already... Im hesitating whether to change spark plug because Im afraid it still wont solve the problem. My spark plug about 20K already btw.

please help

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